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*Weekly Free Zooms + Resources Coming Soon 

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What is Learn Love Prosper?

Learn Love Prosper is a mentorship, a movement and community sharing knowledge on achieving financial freedom, investing, self-love, and living a prosperous life. Our mission is to empower individuals with the tools and resources needed to thrive financially and personally. Team Human

Key Features:

Weekly Zoom Meetings: Join our free hour-long sessions every week where industry leaders share their expertise. These meetings provide valuable insights and practical advice and actionable steps to help you on your journey toward financial and personal prosperity.


Resources: Knowledge and mentorship that promote financial independence, personal growth, and community well-being. We believe in the power of shared knowledge and kindness to transform lives.

Our Goals:


Financial Freedom: Arm others with the knowledge and skills to achieve financial freedom through investing and being financial education.


Sharing Love: Learn to love yourself and your neighbor, allowing a positive and nurturing environment.


Prosperous Living: Ways to live a fulfilling and peaceful life, balancing financial success with personal happiness.

Community Support: Connect with like-minded individuals. Our supportive community is here to encourage and uplift.


I'm Brandon Becsi, a real estate investor based in Richmond, VA that specializes in single family rental properties. I created Learn Love Prosper to share knowledge on investing, happiness, loving yourself and your neighbor and leaving a legacy for your family and helping others along the way. I want to create a way and community to share knowledge that can help people people live a better life financially and peacefully.

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Getting Started in Real Estate Investing: The Checklist 
Free PDF 


The plan for Learn Love Prosper is to provide 100% free knowledge and resources for a limited time. Then still provide free live streams, resources and pop up workshops and  but also offer a paid subscription for those wanting more attention, weekly content/streams and more access to mentors, questions answered and resources.

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